Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

News : Park Si Hoo & Ji Suk Jin will appear on Television show in Shandong, China

There are 2 news reported about it!

Brief summery : 

Park Si Hoo & comedian actor, Ji Suk Jin will appear in Shandong TV program
 in China together. Both of them will fly to China for the shooting process at the end of July!


1. Solo Park Sihoo continent standing challenge ... 
Ji Suk-jin and entertainment 中 'Advent Star, joined

[TV = bakseol this report News] Actor and comedian Park Sihoo Ji Suk-jin
 and starring in the Korea-China joint entertainment program "Star Advent.

According to officials of the plurality of new stars on fraud charges workers project in China, Shandong TV 'star Advent, together cheheomdan Park Sihoo job, Ji Suk-jin has been confirmed
 to join, will be heading to China.

Korea-China joint entertainment program "Star Advent 'is Kang Ho Dong and Lee Teuk
 is responsible for MC, stars the two companies selected, with the concept of an appetizer
 Northern morale workers have firsthand look at the visit the working environment,
 recent Leeteuk and SNSD Sunny, Hyoyeon recording was conducted in China.

New performers are scheduled to continue filming in China, Shandong local enterprises 
sequentially from the end of July. Park Sihoo particularly rare appearances in the entertainment 
actor is going to go through this appearance, advent star "even closer to the Chinese audience.
 In addition to being the actor Ji Suk-jin and Park Sihoo starring Kim Sun to discuss, such as exo.

Bakseol reporters / Photo DB = TV report


2. "Advent Star" side ", Ji Suk-jin Park Sihoo, appeared tentative date ..."
MBN TV original article forwarding 2016-07-19 

[MBN Kim Jin-sun Star News] Ji Suk-jin and Park Sihoo actor starred in the Korea-China joint venture and entertainment program "Star Advent" 19 Days 'star Advent "is the representative of Chinese manufacturer MBN Star" Ji Suk-jin and Park Sihoo should appear in the' star Advent. Said that the recording date has not yet been set. " Park Sihoo in the Chinese film 'Scent', Ji Suk-jin was communicating with Chinese fans through the SBS variety program 'Running Man'.

Real variety entertainment program "Star Advent" has a star in Korea and China is one of 12 two-day or three-day shoot divided into companies of the two countries is decorated with the concept that one worker in other cultures. Super Junior's Leeteuk and Kang served as Head Hunter Station gyeokin the MC. Kim Jin-sun reporter

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