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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From Korean blogger : Movie Confession of Murder remade in Japanese version

This is another Korean movie critic at Naver!

What's more from previous news we already know was... 
they had a brief interview of 2 Japanese actors who will play in this new version!

We will highlight the parts with blue printed!

Posted by Lamy, thank you!

Japanese Movie Issue

Tatsuya Fujiwara <I confessed killer of a 22 million year> X Hideaki Ito, Jung Jae Young movie, starring the Park Sihoo <Confession of Murder> The remake of a Japanese movie !!!

Fujiwara Tatsuya Ito Hideaki with the <I confessed killer of a 22 years -  22年目ので
殺人犯告白私Su ga >. Assume a co-starring in the  megaphone is in the <Joker Game>  
Yu Irie director. 

Tatsuya Fujiwara is beautiful killer, the murder essay published by Hideaki Ito postponed 
the dalryeoon for criminal cases solved between 22 years.

This feeling did come to hear only the story ?? The works come up with a seat ?? 
Yes, that's right. Published in 2012, she starred in the Park Sihoo'm called <Confession of Murder> remake. At the time  2.7 million is a collection of works director 
Jeong Byeong-Gil audience.

According to the distribution of Warner Bros. The film adaptation in this adaptation 
reminded that the five cases of expansion, uniquely Japanese sense of the story of murders
 in 1995 of the chaos caused by the material, such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake 
or subway sarin incident years.

After 22 years from the brutal incident, "I am a murderer," one man wrote 
an essay murder said that the killer is released. Jockey shown in the published 
commemorative conference, Sone said Tatsuya Fujiwara smoke a man called himself. 
His story  is heating up cold sidewalk, while a hot topic in the SNS Sone jockey is a person
 that I talk of fame. Tatsuya Fujiwara is the man who will embrace the main cast, 
Park Si Hoo. 

Tatsuya Fujiwara ( Plays a role of Park Si Hoo) ...

Tatsuya Fujiwara has been'm already with the director in the drama to come at once. 
That "will again join with director also think that this masterpiece will feel that
 I have a very deep one to be able to participate in the film"

Hideaki Ito( Plays a role of Jung Jae Young ) ...

Hideaki Ito is one who will play a detective, Mr. Jung Jae Young acting in the country. 
Criminal case on the kick Sone jockey 22 years immediately after the village smoke Kimura. 
It was a little farther to catch the culprit, losing his beloved boss caught into the trap 
of cunning criminal case is set right beoryeotdaneun aging remains unresolved. 

For his role, given the feel the excitement and joy that with the "first director works here. 
Actions such as hanging also fine place, a longevity would like a scene from pouring smoke 
strength and passion in addition to criminal've welcomed the statute of limitations 
I wanted to express chagrin " .

Holding a megaphone directed at Erie's "This movie is half the time it took about two years 
to realize the project of. The pounding thorough detail in order to enhance the precision 
and quality of the film was a re-building work."

The film will be released in summer 2017.

Credit : Lamy, thank you!

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