Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

( VDO ) After Love : Special VDO Preview : 2016.05.10

Brief translation from the VDO by Mei, thank you!

AFTER LOVE preview!^^~.

Eun Hong :: *Sobbing* ( After saw the sketch of her and her sister from the street drawer)

Kim :: *runs to her* What's wrong? Are you in pain again? Are you OK? 

Eun Hong :: *Sobbing* *Inside the cab*

Kim :: Ahh...Which idiot would say such a thing? Sorry for giving you a fright!

Eun Hong :: I wish I can refuse.

Kim :: You're just stressed up and exhausted...frightened too...haha...
Perhaps if it's a guy, he is a garbage! That's how I thought. 
It feels terrifying to go home too. 
Well, even without a forewarning. Let's go!

Eun Hong :: Where to?

Kim :: Don't you want to start anew?

Eun Hong :: Yes?

credit : cinemacafenet, thank you!作品情報ページ:

Synopsis from the VDO


Translated by Google

Title: "After Love looking for your voice."
Movies information page:

Sung working for airlines (Park Si Hoo) finally became a pilot over a period of 10 years. 
But his right ear becomes crippled, he lost his job as a pilot. Now works on the ground, 
but he decided to marry a woman Unon from the arranged marriage in a state in which the middle gave up the life (Yoon Eun Hye), against her, Not quite feel the love. Meanwhile, 
Unon had lost her life unexpected. She did not talk too much only leaving
 her <voice recorder> and < a ticket to Jeju Island flights>.

After her death, Sung heard her 'voice diary' of the voice recorder that Unon have left, 
know that her first love was at her hometown in Jeju Island. he saw that his wife had feelings 
to someone other than himself and try to find to confront his opponent in Jeju Island -.

(C)2015 LIAN ENTERTAINMENT All Rights Reserved.

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