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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, May 26, 2016

News : The highest drama viewership in the recent 10 years?

This news showed the highest rating record of Korean dramas 
during this recent 10 years! ( From 2006 ~ 2016 )

The news came out last week but we need times to figure out how to present our readers 
to make it easy for you to understand. The news had so much details year by year! 
Until we found Chinese fan at Baidu had created a chart to make it easier for us to understand.

Of course, we will focus on Park Si Hoo's two dramas that were mentioned on this news.

Which one ?

1. SBS Drama : Iljimae in 2008 with rating : 27.9 %

The part they mentioned about " Iljimae "


= SBS 20부작 일지매(최란 극본, 이용석 연출. 초록뱀미디어 제작. 27.9%) 
= 2008년 5월21일 첫방. 7월24일 막방. 이준기(일지매/이겸/용이) 박시후(시후) 
한효주(은채) 이영아(봉순) 이문식(쇠돌) 조민기(이원호) 김무열(시완) 안길강(공갈아제) 
손태영 양재성 김성령(단이) 이원종 조상기 정재은 김뢰하 이원재 도기석 김창완(인조) 
여진구(어린 이준기) 김유정(어린 한효주) 이다윗(어린 시후) 정다빈(어린 이영아) 

SBS 20 Episodes :  Iljimae (a playwriter :  Choi Ran, Lee, Yong - Surk director. 
Green Snake media production. Rating : 27.9%)   
Broadcast from May 21 ~  July 24, 2008. 

Cast : Lee (Iljimae / yigyeom / easy) Park Si Hoo (Sihu), Han Hyo-joo (eunchae) 
Lee, Young (Bong Soon) Lee Moon-sik (soedol) Jo Min-ki (yiwonho) Kim Mu-Yeol (Si Wan) 
Ahn Gil-kang (Intimidation Ajay) Son Tae Young yangjaeseong Kim Sung-Ryung (only two) 
Lee Won-jong josanggi jeongjaeeun Kim Roi-ha yiwonjae Gi-seok Do Kim Chang-wan 
is an (artificial) Yeo Jin-goo (young Lee) Kim, Yu - Jeong (young Han Hyo-joo) 
above (little West Lake) Jeong Da-bin (Lee, young Children)

2. KBS drama : The Princess' Man in 2011 with rating : 24.9 %

KBS 24부작 공주의 남자(조정주 김욱 극본, 김정민 연출. 24.9%) = 2011
년 7월20일 첫방. 10월6일 막방. 박시후(김승유) 문채원(이세령) 홍수현(경혜공주) 
송종호(신면) 이민우(정종) 이순재(김종서) 김영철(수양대군) 엄효섭(이개) 허정규 김
유빈 이주석 김서라(정희왕후) 민지 권현상 서혜진 정동환(문종) 노태엽(단종) 반소영 
이대연(권람) 윤승원 권태원 김영배 최무성 정진 정근 이효정(신숙주) 이희도(한명회)
이엘 유하준 김익태 가득희 진성 홍일권 김뢰하(조석주) 추소영 이희준(공칠구) 
최한빛 차광수(이시애) 

KBS with 24 episodes = The Princess' Man  
 Playwrights : adjusted shares gimuk, directed Kim, Jung - Min. rating : 24.9%) 
Broadcast from : July 20 ~ October 6, 2011. 

Cast : Park Si Hoo (gimseungyu) Moon Chae-won (yiseryeong) 
Hong Soo-hyun (gyeonghye Princess) Song Jong-ho (sinmyeon) 
Lee Min Woo (rice wine), Lee Soon-jae (Kim Jong-seo) Kim Young Chul 
(Discipline Overlord) eomhyoseop (two) heojeonggyu Kim Yoo-bin yijuseok 
Sora Jung (Queen Jeonghui) Minji Kwon phenomenon seohyejin Jung Dong-hwan (munjong) notaeyeop (discontinued) bansoyoung Dae-Yeon Lee (gwonram) devoted to silent maximum yunseungwon gwontaewon gimyoungbae jeonggeun yihyojeong (Shin Suk-ju), Lee Hee-Do
 (Han Myung-hoi) ELK yuhajun gimiktae full intrinsic hongilgwon Hee Kim Roi-ha (joseokju) chusoyoung Lee Hee-joon (079) Choi Han-bit chagwangsu (yisiae)


More from the news

The interesting part of this news that we would like to bring it up here is 
Only two dramas had achieved over 40% rating in this recent 10 years?

And they are....

1. KBS 제빵왕 김탁구(2010) = 49.3%
2. MBC 해를 품은 달(2012) = 42.2%

1. KBS King of Baking (2010) = 49.3%
2. MBC The Moon embraces the Sun (2012) = 42.2%

(All of you may recognize them whether you watched them or not!^^)

The rest of the news will show the list of dramas that can reach over 30%, 20%....

This chart will give you the idea about this news from Baidu, thank you!

So because it's from Baidu then it will be in Chinese!
(You can check the original news in Korean from the link above)

And in 2008, Iljimae had received the highest rating of all dramas in that year!

*** My thought :

1. " Family Honor " did very well on the rating also but it's not in here?
With 54 episodes & considered it's a family drama genre, 
might be the reason it didn't get to be on this report, I don't know)

2. Both Park Si Hoo's dramas are historical dramas,
 So I hope to see him come back to this type of drama one day in future too!^^

Credit : 韩剧吧官博  ( Korean official blog ), thank you!
Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thank you!

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