Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, April 24, 2016

To our readers : Sunday & Monday ...It's our days off!

** See you on Tuesday!^^

Dear Our Readers & Park Si Hoo's Fans

This is our friendly reminder that from now on, 
Every Sunday & Monday, we consider it's our days off!

Park Si Hoo is doing well, 
he has so many social networks that he can provide his fans 
an update news & pictures by himself ( or his staffs ) 

And we need times for ourselves as well!^^

We're so glad, he made his comeback safely & looks very happy this day!
Then no need for us to work non-stop seven days a week like this last 4 years we had done!^^

Because of that ....

On Sunday & Monday, there won't be any post.


 If there will be some breaking news, event, or new pictures of Park Si Hoo 
that need to be informed right away then we will do it for you.

Otherwise, See you on Tuesday!

Thank you for your support, everyone!

~ With Love from Son of Buyeo ~

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