Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, April 29, 2016

Live Concert 2016 : Renew Membership & win the lottery tickets to meet Park Si Hoo at the backstage!

"PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016", it is finally next week!

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Concert on the day, in the Park Shi Hoo fan club reception booth (MENTOR booth)

New admission and 6, July updated member (s) of a little of the early renewal is also OK!


After confirming membership card, you can participate in the lottery ♪
 (noon performances once, evening performances once)

1, etc. ... what! Schiff's backstage visit and two-shot shooting ^^

Other, also offer nice gift ♪

For more information on the day, please check the fan club reception booth ♪

(At a later date fan club reception start time, we will guide you.)

※ will be your guide from our present your membership card.

Expiration date only and will not be covered because ※, please check in advance.

(Member expiration date after login, please check at my page.)

May 7 event venue limited!

FC member customers are entitled to get the Park Shi Hoo original post card!

Of course, those who are already joining, we will present to the new admission member sama ♪

^^ We will wait at everyone - fan club reception booth

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