Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

News : With his successful comeback from Local Hero, Park Si Hoo will hold Asian fan meeting!

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After his successful comeback from drama " Local Hero ", 
Park Si Hoo will hold Asia Fan Meeting but not yet confirm the date!

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With his successful comeback from Local Hero, 
Park Si Hoo will have Asia tours!
enews24 yiingyeong press | 2016-02-16

Park Sihoo together and drama comeback success and he's scheduled to for a spring tour of Asia 
He has demonstrated An 'Asian Prince' power. Agency o Park Sihoo, Hoo factory official 
announced "drama" Heroes of the neighborhood 'is a half (半) in pre-production form it is going 
all taken till end of March. since it is scheduled to Asian Tour 0.3 prospects 

"He said busy with concert preparation Beginning January. Park Sihoo the 'Cheongdam-dong Alice," "the Princess' man" by the Japanese, Chinese books, etc. geoneurigo has many fans. Weibo followers were over millions of followers and Asia tour in Japan in 2014 and China was also progress successfully. In particular OCN jumalgeuk gotta make a comeback to the home theater 
as "the hero of the neighborhood, a hot situation, interest in China. His agency said 

"Meanwhile, the image through the" hero of the neighborhood 'was good to be able to show the state 
as an action star. As a comeback after three years, because he wanted to greet his fans with a new look in positive way for Asian tour " He said of the review. the hero of the neighborhood 'has been popular with the viewers of spectacular action and cider-class deployment.  On 2/14 broadcast 
was renewed the episode 6  its own record with an average of 1.7%, up to 2.3%. Achieved 
the highest 1.4% from 25 years to 49 years in the target age group and proved to the audience 
of followers (surcharge platform furniture standards / Nielsen Korea). 

In this day broadcast operations a hideout 'BAR neighbor of a former CIA agent and mentally holding role the Hwangsajang Dunn (Song Jae-ho) this figure fell in the crisis were drawn. 
This week shows the deepening conflict between the characters surrounding Park Sihoo 
and Prospects add to the fun.

Hero of the neighborhood 'for juniors unjustly lost their lives is a former secret agent to prepare a plurality of containing the story of the birth as "our neighborhood hero is is broadcast every Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 PM. 

photo courtesy = ocn yiingyeong reporters

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