Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ENISHI 2016 Issue 1 released on Jan 31!


■ Special photo selection
Also it determines the appearance of the drama, 2016 Park Si-hoo, which celebrated the year of 
a new leap forward. Such to him is because of the fans, the new figure, and always want to 
show up to continue to change, a number of special photo selection proposed himself. 
More manly, the finest collection of photographs, which were further upgraded also sexy one side!

ドラマ『町内のヒーロー』の撮影現場の様子にカメラが密着! ドラマの見どころをはじめ、監督や共演者の皆さんとエピソードなど、最新ドラマに関する完全独占インタビューもたっぷり大公開!

■ "Hero of the town," starring drama adhesion Special!
Drama, including the state attractions of the camera in close contact! 
Drama of the shooting of "Hero of the town", such as you and episodes of directors 
and co-star, also plenty of large public full exclusive interview about the latest drama!

■人気コーナー“SIHOO`S ROOM”(inマカオ)

■ Popular corner "SIHOO`S ROOM" (in Macau)
The back of the other in the not seen work, popular corner to introduce to fans 
a private one side through his own camera. Photo plenty introduction of this time 
in Macau that were made last fall!
☆ In addition, it will deliver lots of content, such as popular series of JAMI & DAMI!

credit :, thank you!
credit :, thnak you!

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