Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

After love Premiere in Japan's 05/14/2016, Poster & Calendar will come with early advance tickets this Sat, Feb 13!

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パク・シフ×ユン・ウネ『きみの声を探して アフター・ラブ』シネマー
限定なのでお早めにお越しください!#パクシフ #ユンウネ 映画
『きみの声を探してアフター・ラブ』 added,

Park Si Hoo * Yoon EunHye "looking for you voice after love ' cinemart Shinsaibashi 
in 2/13 poster calendar with advance tickets can choose from (Saturday) has been released! 
Numbers are limited so please come soon! #パクシフ #ユンウネ 

1,500円 (一般 1,800円の処)
[Advance ticket]
1,500 yen (general 1,800 yen processing)

2月13日(土) 14:00より劇場窓口にて販売
[Sale start date]
Feb. 13 (Sat) Sales 14:00 at the theater box office

Get the "original calendar (B3 size) /
 2 types from your favorite thing 1 point" in the first arrival!

Source by Mei Park & Panda, Thank you!

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