Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, January 25, 2016

Titles & Pictures from various news about LH Episodes # 2 ...Part # 3

We show you just some titles from the news!

1. " Neighborhood Hero' 
Park Si Hoo possible even completely immerse into Baek Si Yoon role

'동네의 영웅' 박시후, 백시윤이기에 가능한 '완벽한 몰입도'

2. 'Neighborhood Hero' Park Si Hoo, Yuri, Gimb Bomi asked again ... 
those thugs overpowered  by someone "like a tall guy"

'동네의 영웅' 박시후, 유리·김보미 또 구했다…
폭력배들 제압 "키다리 아저씨 같아"

3. Park Si Hoo have saved Yuri and fell in Gim Bo Mi's crisis.

'동네의 영웅' 박시후, 폭력배 물리치며 유리-김보미에 도움

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