Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 15, 2016

Local Hero : 6 main Characters...Part 2 : Lee Soo Hyuk, Yuri...and the others

The last five main characters

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생계형 형사인듯 정의로운 형사인듯 임태호!
Criminal justice officer : Im Tae Ho!

The most responsible is feeding the family
He's always worry in the sense of justice among the other polices as his profession
Up in the criminal justice to take the justice!
Tae Ho will be there as a hero in the neighborhood!

만년 취업 준비생 최찬규!
Part time employee Choe Chan Gyu for ten thousand years!

군대 제대도 대학 졸업도 했지만
취업은 여전히 안 되는 이 시대의 슬픈 취준생~

'BAR 이웃'에서 만난 시윤의 모든 것을 닮고 싶어진 찬규!
시윤의 뒤를 이은 '그림자'가 될 운명?!

The military echelon, but also a college graduation
Junsaeng employment is still not being taken in this sad era ~

'At Neighborhood BAR' he wants to be like all of them. They met Si Yoon &  Chan Gyu!
The successors to Si Yoon 'shadow' meant to be ?!

'BAR 이웃'에서 꿈을 키우는 시나리오 작가 지망생 배정연!
'BAR neighbors' aspiring screenwriters to open a dream assignment !

갑자기 정연의 삶에 등장한 시윤과 찬규!
그들로 인해서 조금씩 달라지는 정연의 삶!

두 사람의 등장은 정연의 삶에 어떤 변화를 가져올까요?

Suddenly she appeared between the lives of Si Yoon and orderly Chan Gyu!
They vary slightly due to the orderly life!

The emergence of the two men would lead to any change in the lives of her orderly?

최강 카리스마를 자랑하는 뉴스타인베스트의 대표 윤상민!
Representatives of other news Yun Sang Min. 
Best boasts a powerful charisma!

Lived in the Street of New York before 
Trying to build up the "Korean Wave Mall Core '
But subsequently he called 'that shadow' prevented him!

중앙정보국 요원이자 시윤의 선배 정수혁!
Jeong Su Hyeok 
Senior personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency and Si Yoon!

Three years ago, Su Hyeok had worked with a team of Si Yoon's unit in Macau!
 Did Su Hyeok know something about the death of Jin Woo?

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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