Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, August 13, 2017

News : A cycling enthusiast, Red suit with 'Sunny smile' , and perfect for 3rd generation Chaebol 2017.08.13

These are 3 lightly news just posted tonight 8.13 !

I called it lightly news because not much we don't know,
 they just repeated whatever other news said before.
Then why I posted it?

To give you the idea when K entertainment business started opening up for his comeback. Anything about him they can't stop talking about especially after the statistic show 
what news is controlling the traffic!

It doesn't mean nothing interesting at all, let's read what they said...

1. Title : Park Si-hoo plays 'My Golden Life' star ... If you know this cyclists

From , thank you!

Actor Park Sihoo has been spotted as the protagonist of 'My Golden Life', 
a follow-up to KBS2 drama 'My father is strange.' 

Park Sihoo is known as a great cycling enthusiast. 
He posted himself on the SNS a bicycle ride in a cycling attire on July 30. 


2. Park Si-hoo, recently caught up ... wearing an intense red suit with 'Sunny smile'

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Actor, Park Sihoo recently posted a picture in his instagram said
 "Have a nice weekend" .
 In the photo, there is a picture of Park Si-hoo wearing a red suit . 
Park Sihoo is smiling with a bright smile looking at the camera. 

Meanwhile Park Sihoo is scheduled to appear on KBS2's new drama 'My Golden Life'.


3. Park Si-hoo, red suits are perfect! As 'Golden My Life' 3rd generation Chaebol

Reported by, thank you!

The daily life of Park Sihoo is A hot topic.

Park Sihoo recently posted a picture with his article
 "Today is a day of excitement ~ ^^" through his instagram.

The photo shows Park Sihoo who is staring at the camera while wearing a red suit.

Particularly, the skin with an immaculate skin and
 The shoulder with a broken rice ring attract attention.

On the other hand, in ' My Golden Life' which comes after 'My father is strange', 
Park Sihoo has played the role of chaebol third generation 'Choi Do Kyung' 
who is warm but cool. Choi Do Kyung is the only son of Haesung Group 
who has stepped into Elite course and heading the strategic planning department. 
Noblesse Obliger, who has been a principle man until he was able to find 
a good line between parents and children,  he is going to revealhis charm 
that has been latent inside him as a result of a series of various events.

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