Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SHR : Park Si Hoo's flight schedule (KE1227) to Jeju on Sat, November 26

Sihoorang had informed Park Si Hoo's flight to Jeju Island
for his "Premium event for Chinese ""

From Sihoorang...

11월 26일(토) 시후님 스케줄 입니다.|
November 26 (Sat) is the Schedule of Sihoo 

11월 27일 제주도행사 스케줄 입니다.
많이 나오셔서 응원 부탁드려요.^^
Hello. ^^
November 27 is Jeju Island event schedule.
Please come and support him a lot. ^^

11월 26일(토)
김포 → 제주
대한항공 15시 45분

November 26 (Sat)
Gimpo → Jeju
Korean Air 15:45

With our research we found this for you!^^

Park Si Hoo's flight schedule to Jeju Island

November 26 (Sat)
Gimpo → Jeju
Korean Air : KE 1227
15:45 → 16:55

We checked Korean air's booking website about 6 hrs ago,

There are only ~

 2 seats left for economy class
9 seats left for business class.

(Don't you know who is one of the passengers in business class?^^ )

You can check the update here ;

Credit :, thank you!

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