Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, May 20, 2016

ENISHI 2016/2 : Staying in LA 2015

By 팅커벨, thank you!

( Only SHR's members can open it, sorry)

This is the part she translated his words about LA!

"이곳은 LA에 머무는 동안 제가 머물던 곳입니다. 
LA의 멋진 산들을 정원 너머로 바라보며... 응, 최고"

"This is where I stayed during my stay in LA.
Overlooking the stunning mountains of the garden 
over LA ... Yeah,  it's the best. "

"여러분 이번 SIHOO'S ROOM은 어땠나요? 드라마 
촬영이나 콘서트 준비로 정신없고 요즘은 어딘가 가려고 
생각할 겨를도 없는 매일이지만 또 어디 가면 여행의 
모습을 여러분에게 전해드릴께요. 
이상 SIHOO'S ROOM LA 탐방기 였습니다."

"I did this SIHOO'S ROOM is like? Drama
No mind to shoot a concert or ready nowadays to go somewhere
But also every conceivable without chaff or where the journey goes
I'll bring you face to you.
SIHOO'S ROOM LA was more than the interviewer. "

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