Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Park Si Hoo's Talk concert at Tokyo Seaside Festival on October 7

Many informations about this festival from it's website & other SNS

Get us confuse a little bit but not anymore, fortunately!^^

After gathered all informations we understand now that...
The festival itself will run for 10 days with many performances 
From October 1 ~ 10

But Park Si Hoo will have his solo performance in 2 rounds on October 7!

Event Schedule

Oct 1~2 : Idle Award 
Oct 5 : Singer, MINUE
Oct 7 : Park Si Hoo's Talk & Live concerts
Oct 8~10 : " Seaside Jazz Festival "

Besides promoting their event, they had asked people on Twitter or their website

 if people wanted to come to the event? And the result as we show below ;


60% wanted to come on October 7, the day Park Si Hoo will have his concert!
Now you know why they're so excited to invite him!^^

October 1 ~ 2 : Idle Award

Many Japanese idols group & Singers

October 5 : Singer " MINUE "

On October 7 : Park Si Hoo will have 2 concerts 

On October 8 ~ 10 : " Seaside Jazz Festival'16 " 

Performed by many Jazz musicians below ;

The latest musician was added yesterday...

Credit : Odaiba Twitter, thank you!


  1. Hi Nikki, the date is Oct 7
    or Nov 7 ?? The blue screenshot on PSH's event from Odaiba website says Oct 7 .

    1. Thanks, Suelynn! I will correct it at once!

  2. No worries Nikki !
    I think you either must have been in a hurry or was not wearing your glasses... ha ha ha ! (assuming you wear glasses)

    Anyway I thought better let you know; otherwise PSH might get big surprise on Oct 7 why no one showed up ...ha ha ha !