Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ENISHI Tour 2016 : Park Si Hoo & more...

Thanks to all fans who shared these pictures with us!

Picture from the TV monitor on stage

In front of the door, greeting fans

With his stylist, Mr. Lee Nam Gyu

In white yukata


Went golfing
( Hard to get a good picture when he moved!^^ )


Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thank you!


  1. Hi did park shi hoo mentioned the release date of after love...really looking forward to see them both...

    I'm just curious or I just wanted it to happen...
    1)park shi hoo doesn't open up about his personal life...and he said he will protect his lady love
    2)Yoon eun hye is like him who doesn't reveal her personal life...and she supported him regardless of the slurs of her fans and antis with regards to acting alongside with him.and she stood by him
    3)I'm having a gut feeling and there is no dating rumours or such about them compared when she is doing a drama or movies.she is always linked with her leading man but this time it is Nada..
    I hope my intuition is true...and I'll be really happy if they do end up sharing their lifetime together...������

    1. Hi : Sorry again for late reply!
      Still no news about movie " After Love "!
      Anyway, What will happen in the future, only god knows!^^
      PSH said he will have good news for us soon and asked us to be patient! So let's see what it will be!^^

  2. it looks like that PSH gain some weight?? Hairstyle now does not reflect his best looking!

    1. He just got back from a month long stay in USA! Blame on Pasta!^^ But as we know him well for all these years, he's very discipline himself when he needs to take care of it! I'm glad he had a good time to be just a regular guy in USA!^^