Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, September 11, 2016

ENISHI Tour 2016 : Activities Park Si Hoo & fans will do together today, Sep 11!

This article from JOFC, thank you!
You can read the original in Japanese here :

Our brief summery for you!

This article will give you more details about the event.
What activities you will have with Park Si Hoo during the event.

1. PSH will turn to be a doll?^^

 And he will come down on stage to meet you?
But fans have to do something (that involve a lot of love) to solve the magical spell
( You will get to see him nearby no matter where you are seated )

2. Playing OX quiz!

( Who win will get 2 photoshoots with him & a hug )

3. Playing games by divided into 2 groups

 PSH will be with your group 
But he will move to the opposite team if you lost the point
So you must win the next round to get him back.
You can take picture of him up-close during the game!

4. Firework performance

(Like last year)

5. High five

Fans will get to do high five with PSH 
And you will get a precious moment just between you & him!^^

6. Five lucky fans will meet PSH in private 
after the performance

All fans will participate in this lottery ticket 
before they will draw only 5 lucky fans to meet PSH!

And more surprise will be informed later....

Have fun, everyone!

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