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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Charity News : Charity bazaar ... Hope to help poor children in Mongolia

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This news was posted on April 30, 2016!

The news reported about A girl group " LABOUM " 
And other Korean celebrities will participate in this charity 
to help poor children in Mongolia. 
The charity lead by a former professional baseball player names 
" Yi Gyeon Pil "(We apologize if we misspelled his name) 
By asking celebrities to donate their items for the auction 
And Park Si Hoo is among the celebrities who donated his item in this program.

Park Si Hoo & a cute baby in the charity he was involved years ago!

Below is the full translation by Google!

LABOUM girl group, participate in charity bazaar ... hope to help poor children in Mongolia 

Gimahreum reporter( Registration: 2016-04-30 

Girl group LABOUM [Photo: Journalists dbeorlf123 @] 

Very economic gimahreum press = girl group LABOUM participate in charity bazaar and hunhunham the said presents LABOUM 30 days held in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, firearms kids charity event 'love and hope to participate in Mongolia poor children. "Firearms which LABOUM participation Ke charity 'singer, led by former professional baseball player yigyeongpil the exercise by auctioning her treasured the stars to donate a children's Soak All proceeds poverty in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar region  ;

Lim Chang-jung, Kim Chang Ryul, Super Junior's Kang, actor Park Si Hoo, group, glow, comedian Heo Kyung-hwan , broadcaster Jun Hyun-Moo, magicians choehyeonwoo such as becoming a collection of popular stars will force a wide range of topics. 

Recent new song released imagine a plus and serves a youthful charm refreshing the perfect visual LABOUM emerged as the emerging trend is the heart participate in the charity event this fire until aroused the hunhunham in the likeness of a warm girl. LABOUM said the testimony of "I participate in this significant event pleased and wish I had to Mongolia poor children can be botem a little bit." Meanwhile LABOUM the last six days 4th single albums released 'Fresh Adventure' and the title track 'imagination plus "as a comeback to evoke the interest of the public to look youthful refreshing right spring climbing on every day Keywords rankings that emerging trend group the attention of many popular one body and it has been actively engaged in various activities in various fields such as music, broadcasting and performing arts programs, commercials, and movies.


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