Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, April 4, 2016

Birthday 2016 news : Park Si Hoo held his Birthday Tour with big group of fans from Japan & China

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More than 400 Fans from Japan and China had visited the main attractions ;
 Park Si Hoo's alma mater and Buyeo 

▲ Park Sihoo gave a birthday tour scene at his hometown with fans from Japan and China 
[Photo courtesy Buyeo =]

Very economic heohui only reporter = 

Actor, Park Sihoo have finished a great success for his birthday tour with 400 fans 
from Japanese and Chinese fans at his home on his birthday yesterday. 
Japan and China fans had come to celebrate Park Sihoo's birthday event 
The visit was Park Si Hoo's home, eunsanjung school trips and gungnamji, 
busosan Province, including Buyeo's were held constant to explore 
the main tourist attractions. 

in the evenings, the time to communicate with fans, including spreading a birthday party 
event at Lotte Buyeo Resort had. military officials are Japanese and Chinese tourists are preaching to cooperate haejun thank the Park Sihoo and belongs scanning side to visit 
the given future artists and to give together the tour, as well as continue to pursue a foreign tourist presentations, tour officials familiarization tours, etc. It said it would actively seek
 to attract foreign tourists interested in. 


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