Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, March 4, 2016

News : Park Si Hoo published his professional magazine for four consecutive years aspects as Hallyu star ...

Star news original article forwarding 2016-03-04 

Google translation

Actor Park Sihoo was published his magazine  (ENISHI) 2016' Season 4 being released 
in Japan. Park Sihoo unveiled the charismatic pictorial through the 'ENISHI' 4 days. 
Pictorial has addeda masculine wearing a leather jacket. Park Sihoo is a pictorial disclosure
 of the unique theme each time, he caught the eye.

 Park Sihoo is found put a huge variety of attractions of Park Sihoo 
the corner like 'SIHOO'S ROOM' to introduce POV photos of his personal appearance 
or shooting and Park Sihoo yourself shooting. Park Sihoo posing as a pictorial for fans 
that always support and a group of more thorough in the face, and who committed heat
 and gender of all. 

'ENISHI' is a gotta first released on 4, November 2012 specializing in the magazine of
 the actors Park Sihoo be released regularly in Japan 1 year 4 It greeted the year. 

In rare as only one of the star periodical magazine format only for Korea, but was released
 in Japan for the Jang, Song Seung Hun, Lee, such as the best Hallyu stars are original magazine.
 In particular sewoomyeo Park Sihoo the only record of four consecutive years 'ENISHI' 
was published in the face as a Hallyu star.

Picture below from DC, thank you!

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