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Monday, February 22, 2016

[Spoiler] "Neighborhood Hero", who is on Park Si-hoo's side?

There is no one Park Si-hoo can trust; the ex-girlfriend he shared everything with, the team manager and everyone else around him are suspicious. Before he sets out for revenge and justice, Park Si-hoo needs to sort out those he can trust.

On the eighth episode of the OCN drama "Neighborhood Hero", those complicated characters around Baek Si-yoon (Park Si-hoo) tangled among themselves. Baek Si-yoon was confused about who he should trust and he shouldn't.

Baek Si-yoon decides to take revenge on the person who put his team in danger in Macao 3 years ago. Former agents Seo Joon-seok (Kang Nam-gil) and Hwang (Song Jae-ho) who are murdered are two people who knew the truth about Macao 3 years ago.

To make things worse, Baek Si-yoon is appointed as the suspect for these two's murders by Im Tae-ho (Jo Seong-ha). Choi Chan-gyu (Lee Soo-hyeok) and Bae Jeong-yeon (Kwon Yoo-ri) aren't of much help to Im Tae-ho. Yoon Sang-min (Yoon Tae-yeong) who wanted to establish a new town, became an enemy too.

Jeong Soo-hyeok was also suspicious. Baek Si-yoon knew he was being followed and tapped. Seo-ahn (Choi Yoon-so) who kissed and even spent a night with changed in expression at the news of Hwang but Baek Si-yoon didn't notice that.

The former agents didn't get back together but were suspected instead. It seems like it's going to be a lonely battle for Baek Si-yoon.

What the viewers know that Baek Si-yoon doesn't: Im Tae-ho decides to betray Park Seon-ho (Ahn Seok-hwan). He tells his daughter this too and steps in the lead. This is who Si-yoon should hold hands with but the man he trusts is also deeply involved with the Central Information Agency.

It's complicated. Those who are being watched are being followed too and those who are following are also being followed. It's like a messy web.

Si-yoon needs to take revenge but he has no one to reach out to. For "Neighborhood Hero" to portray Baek Si-yoon's revenge with impact, it should reveal who Baek Si-yoon's allies are.

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