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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Local Hero :news : Park Sihoo - Lee Soo-hyuk - Jo Sung-ha, even as the initials 'SH 3 Gang' outstanding performance

From the news they praised Park Si Hoo, Lee Soo Hyuk , and Cha Sung Ha for their performance
In " Local Hero " And the amazing coincidence that they have initial name with SH too!

Park Si Hoo

Cha Sung Ha

Lee Soo Hyuk

" The Gang Of SH "

Translated by google

Heroes of the neighborhood' Park Sihoo - Lee Soo-hyuk - Jo Sung-ha, even as the initials 'SH 3 Gang' outstanding performance

[Top Star News hansuah News]

OCN jumalgeuk gaze on 'SH 3 Gang' of the 'hero of the neighborhood, there ssolrigo OCN weekend drama "Neighborhood Hero' (directed gwakjeonghwan | a play gimgwanhu) Three men play a decisive role in the drama actor Park Sihoo deployment, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Jo Sung-ha receive attention with the same initials (SH) stood in the center of the topic. 'heroes of the neighborhood, January 30 to 31 which aired three, the fourth, suffer a huge influence from such-up service' culture street 'traders keep giving naseoneun authentic to 'shadow' the Park Sihoo 'Bar (Bar) neighbors' center in a former Central Intelligence Agency to monitor the dynamics of workers 'subsistence corrupt police, Jo Sung-ha, and' former agent monitoring and reporting 'part-time work performed during the' shadow The Shaggy relationships and conflicts of characters, including Lee Soo-hyuk learned the identity of the 'plotted.

Confront the question words of former agents secretly with the new owners Park Sihoo of 'Bar neighbors to create under investigation and to send a suspicion on him, Park Sihoo also did' stick of the people "as a" cultural distance "praised by Jo Sung-ha merchants for failing to protect them Send your eye. On the other hand, Lee Soo-hyuk has started to open the mind to Park Sihoo favorable to them, 'amiable reason "placement year the artist misunderstanding itself as a' shadow 'and boyija interest in Tokyo that are in the chance shadow' shadow ' to know the identity and surprised. Publisher representative: "'local hero' Park Sihoo to deliver the exceptional the chemistry between three protagonists are very interesting, Lee Soo-hyuk, and intertwined with a different relationship to the composition are the people who have the key to the development of the drama." said, "Soon these three men in relationships is going to cause a big change between citing entered a new phase of these," he said. Meanwhile, the hero of the neighborhood 'is Park Sihoo accepted the destiny as a' shadow ',' former agent monitoring It began to feel the conference on subcontractors' Jo Sung-ha, a stream flowing pink light as glass, Lee Soo-hyuk and deepening relations and conflict are increasing interest. "Living in close contact type neighborhood cheopbojeon 'hero of the neighborhood' is every Saturday-Sunday night and is broadcast on OCN UXN 11:00.

Credit : TopstarNews.Net, thank you!

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